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Hydraulic Power Unit, Hydraulic Power Pack

A Hydraulic power pack is a hydraulic power unit composed of a hydraulic pump, drive motor, oil tank, and an overflow valve. They are among the series of our hydraulic jacking equipment. For example, our YB-60 hydraulic power pack can simultaneously power at least 10 sets of 16t SQD hydraulic jacks.

Hydraulic Power Pack / Hydraulic Power Unit

Guoxin boasts nearly 10 years experience in manufacturing and marketing hydraulic power units. Hundreds of thousands of the hydraulic power systems have been sold. To provide power for the jacks with different tonnages, we produce four models of hydraulic power pack, namely the YB-20, YB-60, YB-75 and YB-90. We can also design and produce custom power packs according to your requirements.

The hydraulic power pack uses a 22kw motor to drive the 60L/min. gear pump to pump oil which will then drive the jack cylinder up and down after being guided by an electronic pressure switch valve. It has four oil outlets, each of which can control 4-10 jacks.

These hydraulic power packs are stand-alone devices. They offer direction, pressure and flow controllable hydraulic oil, suitable for all kinds of hydraulic machinery where the main machine and the hydraulic equipment can be split. Users can use oil pipes to connect the power unit to the oil cylinder or oil motor to run the machine.

Technical Parameters of YB-60 Hydraulic Power Pack

Oil tank capacity 400L
Motor power 22KW Y180L-4/B35
Speed 1470r/min
Rated pressure 20Mpa
Rated flow 60L /min
Electromagnetic valve control voltage 220V
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