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Tee Adapter Hydraulic Fittings

This tee adapter pipe fitting is used in hydraulic jacking systems to switch the oil flow on and off or change oil flow direction so as to control hydraulic actuators. Serving as hose connectors or oil distributors, our tee fittings are suitable for hydraulic systems with a pressure rating less than 31.5MPa, and voltage of DC24V, AC110V or AC220V. The nominal diameter of our tee adapters includes 6DN and 10DN models.

Pipe Fitting, Tee Adapter

As a professional hydraulic parts supplier, Guoxin offers numerous types of tee adapters. They are stable and reliable in quality, meet all of your requirements.

Features of Tee Adapter
1. Fitting surface complies with ISO4401, CETOP, DIN24340 and NFPA standards.
2. The oil immersed design ensures outstanding buffering performance, noise reduction, removal of abrasion between valve core and oil seal as well as oil leakage caused by abrasion.
3. Valve cores, coils and galvanized iron pipes with same specifications can be changed, and they are easy to install, reducing cost.
4. High voltage tests can reach 1500V/min. The coil insulation is up to H level, with insulation resistance over 100MΩ, resistance to a temperature of 180℃. These features allow the adapter to achieve CE approval.
5. The valve body is manufactured using resin-bonded sand mold forging technology and washed using an ultrasonic cleaning machine.
6. The galvanized iron pipe is welded in three sections using special equipment. This prevents residual magnetism and enables high strength and high pressure resistance.

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