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Electric Hydraulic Pump

The electric hydraulic pump, also called a electric hydraulic jack is composed of a hydraulic cylinder and electric pump unit. It is a versatile jacking system, with capabilities that include jacking, pushing, pulling, pressing, etc. The rated power of this electric oil pump is 50MPa. It is mainly used as the power source of hydraulic units such as hydraulic jacks, presses, and embossing machines.

Electric Hydraulic Pump

Main Technical Parameters of Electric Hydraulic Pump

Rated oil pressure 50MPa
Number of oil outlet 2
Rated displacement 2×2L/min
Oil type HJ32(summer); HJ15(winter)
Plunger number 2×3
Plunger diameter Φ10mm
Oil tank capacity 50L
Motor model Y100L-4B5
Weight 120kg
Revolving speed 1430r/min
Frequency 50HZ

We can design and produce custom pumps according to your requirements.

Usage of Electric Hydraulic Pump
1. Check for any abnormalities in the parts.
2. In use, please strictly follow the parameters to regulate and prohibit over height and overload working. Otherwise, severe oil leakage can happen.
3. Refer to electric pump specifications.
4. Keep in mind the center of gravity of heavy objects to be jacked. Also take the ground hardness into account so as to decide whether rigid wood should be put under the jack to avoid sinking. Check the stability of the jack to avoid inclining.
5. After jacking heavy objects using the electric hydraulic pump, prop up and fasten them. The ultrahigh pressure and large tonnage electric jacks are prohibited for use as upholders. If you need to support the heavy object for an extended time, please use a self-locking jack.
6. If you need several electric oil jacks to lift an object, please choose the same models with the same synchronization specifications. To correct the position where the large tonnage electric jacks should be placed, you have to use a number of diverter valves and ensure an even load at each jack as well as synchronized jacking speeds.
7. When using the electric hydraulic pumps, begin by connecting the quick coupling of the manual pump to the jack and then tighten the oil outlet bolt. If you want to bring the piston rod down, unscrew the hand wheel of the manual oil pump counter clockwise to unload the oil cylinder and thereby lower the piston rod gradually.
8. The electric hydraulic jack features oil pressure retraction and can be quickly removed in between jobs. However, do not pull the jack out through the connecting hoses.
9. Do not exceed the rated stroke.
10. In the process of use, please avoid acute vibration.
11. Our electric hydraulic pumps are not suitable for use in places where acid-base and corrosive gases are present.
12. Users should perform regular inspections and maintenance according to service condition.

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