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Hydraulic Lift Frame

Guox shoring posts or jack posts can achieve a jacking height of 350mm. They are usually used with hydraulic jacks for top down construction of large scale storage tanks, desulfurization towers in power plants, and steel inner tanks of chimneys in thermal power plants. We can also design and produce custom shoring jacks or post jacks based on your requirements.

Hydraulic Shoring Post / Hydraulic Jack Post

The hydraulic shoring post is mainly used to prevent lateral deformation of slip forms. It can transfer all vertical loads to the hydraulic jack and integrate the forms and the hydraulic jacking system as a whole. The beam and column of the post shores are made of 20# U-steel. To enhance its rigidity, we weld 50×5 steel angles under the beam, which are 45° to the column. Above the beam, it is designed with D48 steel pipe used as a guide rod.

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