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Hydraulic Cylinder

Here at Guoxin, China's leading hydraulic equipment maker, we offer an excellent selection of single acting hydraulic cylinders, double acting hydraulic cylinders, piston cylinders, plunger cylinders,telescoping hydraulic cylinders, and swing cylinders.

Hydraulic Cylinder

Our 300t hydraulic cylinder, also known as a hydraulic actuator or hydraulic ram can be used with 7.5kw motors, and comes with an oil pump pressure of 210kg and diameter of 60cm. Our hydraulic cylinders can be customized according to your requirements.

Usage Requirements
1. Oil used in the hydraulic cylinders must be kept clean and changed regularly, and the cylinder must be equipped with an oil filter.
2. The hydraulic device has no built-in exhaust system, so the user must set up an exhaust device in the system to prevent faults during operation.
3. Sealing parts should be regularly inspected and replaced when needed.
4. The load to the hydraulic cylinder should be kept on the center line to avoid bearing large eccentric loads. If necessary, the cylinder can be provided with intermediate support to prevent bending deformation of the axis.
5. The temperature range of medium is -20℃~+80℃.
6. Reference velocity of the piston rod to move is 7.2m/min.
7. Oil kinematic viscosity is 20~32mm2/s.

1. Speed ratio ψ = effective area of piston / effective area of piston rod chamber.
2. If there is a mark of "Δ", ψ=1.7.
3. Under the maximum stroke: when ψ=1.46, S=10D; when ψ=2, S=12D. In the formula, the "S" means Stroke and the "D" means Cylinder Diameter.
4. If the stroke that users require is larger than the maximum stroke of our hydraulic cylinder, both sides should come to an agreement. (5.1MPa≈10kgf/cm2)
5. When placing an order, please write down the complete model, stroke and mounting distance.

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