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Hydraulic Cylinder Jack

    1. 1200 ton Hydraulic Cylinder Jack

      QF series 50T-1200T hydraulic jack uses advanced manufacturing process, high strength and thick cylinder, it features of high safety factor and long service life. This lifting jack is widely used in highway, railway, bridge, subway, construction, shipbuilding, mining machinery, foundation settlement test, static piling, pile foundation testing and other industries.

    1. 2000 ton Hydraulic Cylinder Jack

      YQF series 50T-2000T hydraulic jack with electric pump adopts advanced manufacturing process, high strength and thick cylinder, it features of high safety factor and long service life.

QF/YQF series hydraulic jack is widely used in electric power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static piling, foundation settlement, bridge and ship repair, especially in the construction of highway railway, adjustment and disassembly of equipment and other aspects.

1. All parts of this hydraulic device must be checked before use.
2. The requirements of the main parameters should be strictly complied, the problem of overload and overheight should be avoided, otherwise when the lifting height or the hoisting tonnage exceed the requirements, serious leakage of the top of hydraulic cylinder will occur.
3. When the volume of the manual pump is insufficient, the filtered oil needs to be added into the pump for regular work.
4. Please refer to the use of electric pump manual.
5. The weight center to choose moderate, reasonable selection of point The hydraulic jack should c, to pad the bottom level origin of force
5. User has to determine the center of gravity of object, choose force point of the hydraulic jack, and consider the hardness and levelness of ground, in order to avoid the danger of incline and oil leakage.
6. The object after lifting by electric jack, it should be supported by upholder in time. the electric jack is prohibited to be a support. If the object is needed to support for a long time, CLL self locking jack is available.
7. If several lifting jacks are needed to work at the same time, except put the extra high pressure jack in the right place, the multi head diverter valve should be used either, the load of each electric jack should be balanced, the hoisting speed should be synchronous. The situation of ground subsidence caused by uneven weight should be avoided to prevent the danger of lifting objects tilting.
8. Electric hydraulic jack system can be removed quickly after retraction of oil pressure and lifting the object, pulling high pressure jack by hose is prohibited.
9. Do not exceed the rated stroke during the operation, in order to avoid damage to hydraulic jack.
10. Severe vibration of jacking system should be avoided.
11. It is not suitable for working in acid-base and corrosive gas workplace.
12. The hydraulic jack should be inspected and maintained regularly.