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Hydraulic Lifter

As commonly used hydraulic lifting equipment, the hydraulic lifter is widely used for a number of engineering construction projects. Whole sets of the hydraulic system are comprised of an electric control system, hydraulic power pack, and lifter. Guoxin hydraulic lifters have a lifting height of 4-20m. Its lifting column is designed with a high strength structure, ensuring smooth and steady jacking as well as high safety and reliability. Although small in size, the hydraulic elevator features outstanding jacking height and is primarily used for top-down construction of large storage tanks and desulfurization towers.

Hydraulic Lifter

Advantages of Hydraulic Lifters
1. Excellent design
2. Incredible durability
3. High flexibility
4. Ease of use

Applicable Fields
Our hydraulic lifters are suitable for use in a variety of construction fields such as hotels, banks, halls, auditoriums, shopping malls, and supermarkets. It is perfect for aerial work and maintenance in narrow places. Additionally, this hydraulic lifting tool can also be used for jacking heavy objects in construction projects.

We have used hydraulic lifters in numerous construction projects of large storage tank, such as the project of 30,000m3 storage tank of an oil refinery in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province, China.

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