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Electric Pump

The electric pump is an independent and complete hydraulic pump station, which is composed of oil pump, control valve, fuel tank, electric motor, instrument and so on.

Electric Pump

1. Small size, light weight, easy to use, high working pressure.
2. Single stage pump station: Simple structure with higher working pressure.
3. Double stage pump station: When under the low pressure, high and low pressure pump are supplying oil at the same time it can get larger output flow. When under the high pressure, low pressure pump will return oil without load automatically, which can reduce the power consumption.
4. Pressure preserving function: In the case of no leakage of outer oil circuit, the pump will stop and the pressure will preserve for 5 minutes, the rated pressure will drop no more than 5Mpa.

  • Electric Pump
  • Electric Pump
  • Electric Pump

1. Equipped with oil tank or special equipment, the electric pump can achieve lifting, bending, straightening, extruding, cutting, riveting, disassembling, pressing pile and other works.
2. Can be used as a hydraulic power source when this hydraulic pump is equipped with mechanical equipment.
3. Can be used as pressure pumping station for all kinds of high pressure hydraulic components, high pressure vessel, and high pressure hose.

Technical Parameters

Rated pressure Rated flow Motor power Motor speed Fuel tank capacity
High pressure Low pressure High pressure Low pressure KW r/min L
Mpa Mpa L/min L/min
DSS0.7/2.4 63 6.3 0.7 2.4 0.75 1450 15
DSS0.8/3 63 2.5 0.8 3 1.5 1450 15
DSS1.0/6B(9B) 63 2.5 1.0 6(9) 1.5 1450 30
DSS1.6/6B(9B) 63 2.5 1.6 6(9) 2.2 1450 40
DSS2.0/6B(9B) 63 2.5 2.0 6(9) 2.2 1450 40
DSS3.0/6B(9B) 63 2.5 3.0 6(9) 3 1450 40
DSS3.5/6B(9B) 63 2.5 3.5 6(9) 4 1450 60
DSS4.0/6B(9B) 63 2.5 4.0 6(9) 4 1450 60
DSS6.0/9 63 4 6.0 9 5.5 1450 120
DSS7.0/9 63 4 7.0 9 7.5 1450 120

Structure Principle
DSS series electric pump consists of CFZB series axial piston pump (high pressure pump), low pressure gear pump, control system, fuel tank and so on.
1. CFZB Series Axial Piston Pump (High Pressure Pump)
This series of pump is valve type orifice axial piston pump which is patented product developed by our company, its volume efficiency is more than 90%. It is driven by the motor to rotate the pump shaft, the plunger will do reciprocating movement up and down along the sleeve under the action of swashplate, hydraulic oil will enter oil circle through intake valve, and discharge through exhaust valve.
2. Low Pressure Pump
Low pressure pump is gear pump.
3. Control Valve
1) CZF4M/8C ultra high pressure combination valve includes high pressure safety valve, low pressure overflow valve, high and low pressure check valve.
Working principle: When under the low pressure, high and low pressure pump are supplying oil at the same time. When the working pressure is more than 2.5 Map, the low pressure relief valve will be opened caused by high pressure oil, low pressure pump will return oil without load automatically.
2) 34SZHP-6M ultra high pressure manual reversing valve is three-position four-way directional control valve, it features of anti-pollution, reliable reversing, easy maintenance, and has the pressure preserving function.
3) 34CSH-M6B-W ultra high pressure manual reversing valve is three-position four-way slide valve, it is easy to operate but does not have the pressure preserving function.

Usage Notes
1. The working medium of this electric pump is YB-N32 hydraulic oil, when the ambient temperature is below 10℃, YB-N22 hydraulic oil is available, when the ambient temperature is below 40℃, YB-N46 hydraulic oil is available.
2. Liquid level of oil tank should always remains above the central line to prevent oil pump suction emptying. When tank is oiling, you should use 120 mesh filter screen to filter impurities in the new oil. If the pump is used frequently, the oil filter should be washed in every two months, the oil tank should be cleaned in every half a year, and replace the new oil at the same time.
3. The turbidity of oil pump is 10~50℃, when the oil temperature is too high, you should take the cooling measures or make the pump stopping; when the oil temperature is too low, you should take the heating measures or low pressure operation to raise the temperature.
4. Before motor starts, you need to change the valve to the middle position to prevent the high pressure pump suction emptying, the pump can be used after exhausting.
5. The working pressure is not allowed to raise at will.
6. The high pressure hose has been tested through the 1.25 times of the rated pressure before leaving the factory. It should be checked in every half a year. The hose must be replaced if it is distorted or blasted when it is under the pressure test. This high pressure hose can be replaced by steel tube when it is used in fixed place.
7. The electric pump has to be maintained once a year. All parts are cleaned by kerosene, pay attention to protect the surface, and do not bump against. All the moving parts should be flexible without local jamming after assembly.

Common Failure and Troubleshooting

Failure Reason Troubleshooting
Pressure insufficient 1. Safety valve adjustment value is too low Adjust the safety valve
2. Cone valve of safety valve is stuck or worn Replace or maintain cone valve or valve body
3. Leakage caused by joint loose or seal damaged Fasten the joint or replace the seal
4. Stress response distortion caused by failure of pressure gauge Check the pressure gauge and maintain the pressure gauge block
High pressure flow insufficient 1. Fit clearance of plunger and barrel assembly is worn excessively Replace plunger and barrel assembly
2. Plunger or spring break is broken Replace related parts
3. Flow insufficient caused by leakage Fasten the joint or replace the seal
4. Oil temperature is too low while causes difficulties of oil absorption; oil temperature is too high, while causes volumetric efficiency decreasing Control the temperature within 10-50℃
5. Liquid level is too low, oil pump is sucked empty Fill the oil
6. High pressure pump is sucked empty or no high pressure oil discharge (suitable for pumping station with low pressure pump) Before the first use or after replace the oil, make the motor reversing for 1 minute
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