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Hydraulic Needle Valve

The M24 needle valve is a made of cast steel. It is used for connecting rubber hoses in hydraulic jacking systems. The three-way valve that we supply features great sealing performance, ease of installation, and excellent resistance to high pressure. Even if the sealing surface is broken, you only need to change wear parts and then the high pressure valve can continue operation.

Needle Valve

Any problems that you may face with your current hydraulic valves, you can find the optimum solutions at Guoxin. We can design and produce hydraulic accessories according your requirements.

Main Technical Parameters of Needle Valve

Model M24
Material Cast steel
Test pressure 80MPa
Flow direction Reversing
Parts and accessories Accessory
Purpose Pressure regulating
Applicable medium oil
Type Three way
Type of Connection Thread
Temperature High temperature
Pressure environment High pressure
Driving mode Electromagnetic
Nominal diameter 6mm
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