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High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

Used as hydraulic piping, high pressure hoses are an indispensable accessory of hydraulic jacking equipment. It is mainly used for oil transportation for the whole hydraulic jacking system. This hydraulic hose is made from oil resistant rubber, ensuring outstanding oil swelling resistance. We can customize high pressure hoses for you according to your requirements.

High Pressure Hose

Structural Features of High Pressure Hose
From the inside out, this high pressure hydraulic hose is composed of a liquid resistant synthetic rubber inner layer and middle layer, a I, II and III steel wire braid layer, and a weather proof synthetic rubber outer layer.

The inner layer performs well to facilitate the pumping of the medium to withstand internal stress and protect steel wire from being corroded. The outer layer also protects the steel wire from damage, and the steel wire braid framework helps maintain the structural integrity of the hosing.

Working temperature: oil: -40℃~100℃; air: -30℃~50℃; aqueous emulsion: <+80℃
Pressure: 80-600MPa
Nominal diameter: DN5mm~DN102mm
Model: Φ16×3m, Φ16×4m, Φ16×5m, Φ10×4m, Φ8×15m, Φ10×15, etc.

The steel wire braided hose is mainly used for hydraulic support and oilfield development. It is ideal for all kinds of hydraulic systems in construction, jacking, metallurgical and mining equipment to transport petroleum based and water base fluids with a high pressure and temperatures. The Petroleum base fluids include mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel oil and lubricating oil. Water based fluids include aqueous emulsion, oil and water emulsion, water, etc.

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