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Hydraulic Equipment

    1. Hydraulic Power Unit

      A Hydraulic power pack is a hydraulic power unit composed of a hydraulic pump, drive motor, oil tank, and an overflow valve. They are among the series of our hydraulic jacking equipment.

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    1. Hydraulic Jack

      The SQD series hydraulic jacks that we have developed can jack objects of 16-20 tons, with a stroke of 100-150mm. They come in multiple models including the SQD160, SQD250.

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    1. Electric Hydraulic Pump

      The electric hydraulic pump, also called a electric hydraulic jack is composed of a hydraulic cylinder and electric pump unit. It is a versatile jacking system, with capabilities.

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    1. Hydraulic Slipform Jack

      There is no doubt that the usage of heavy lifting jacks greatly facilitates slip forming projects. The slip form jacking equipment that we supply is primarily used for concrete poured silo construction.

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    1. Hydraulic Lift Frame

      They are usually used with hydraulic jacks for top down construction of large scale storage tanks, desulfurization towers in power plants, and steel inner tanks of chimneys in thermal power plants.

    1. Hydraulic Cylinder

      Our 300t hydraulic cylinder, also known as a hydraulic actuator or hydraulic ram can be used with 7.5kw motors, and comes with an oil pump pressure of 210kg and diameter of 60cm.

    1. Hydraulic Cylinder Jack

      QF/YQF series hydraulic jack is widely used in electric power maintenance, bridge maintenance, heavy lifting, static piling, foundation settlement, bridge and ship repair.

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    1. Electric Pump

      The electric pump is an independent and complete hydraulic pump station, which is composed of oil pump, control valve, fuel tank, electric motor, instrument and so on.

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    1. Hydraulic Lifter

      Hydraulic lifters are suitable for use in a variety of construction fields such as hotels, banks, halls, auditoriums, shopping malls, and supermarkets. It is perfect for aerial work and maintenance in narrow places.

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    1. Hydraulic Needle Valve

      The M24 needle valve is a made of cast steel. It is used for connecting rubber hoses in hydraulic jacking systems. The three-way valve that we supply features great sealing performance, ease of installation, and excellent resistance to high pressure.

    1. High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

      Used as hydraulic piping, high pressure hoses are an indispensable accessory of hydraulic jacking equipment. It is mainly used for oil transportation for the whole hydraulic jacking system.

    1. Tee Adapter Hydraulic Fittings

      Serving as hose connectors or oil distributors, our tee fittings are suitable for hydraulic systems with a pressure rating less than 31.5MPa, and voltage of DC24V, AC110V or AC220V. The nominal diameter of our tee adapters includes 6DN and 10DN models.

Guoxin has established itself as a leading supplier of hydraulic jacking equipment and services in China, providing a wide range of hydraulic jacking systems. Our hydraulic jacking equipment is small in size and delivers high efficiency and performance. It has a high lifting capacity up to significant heights. Several of our hydraulic jacks working together can lift an object of more than 1,000 tons, and can lift a 350t object to a height of 350m.

Application of the Hydraulic Equipment
Our hydraulic jacking equipment is ideal for very large and heavy structural parts lifting, large storage tank and absorption tower top-down construction, and steel structure jacking. A number of power plants and petrochemical operators use this lifting equipment as a preferred choice for their top down construction projects.

Top Down Construction Technology
As a professional hydraulic equipment manufacturer, Guoxin can provide many solutions for large vertical storage tank construction. Using our state-of-the-art hydraulic jacking technology and storage tank top-down construction technology can save you significant time and resources for your construction projects.

Top Down Construction Steps
1. Assemble storage tank bottom on the prefabricated foundation from separate steel plates that are welded to each other.
2. Set up hydraulic jacking equipment around the perimeter of the tank to be constructed.
3. Install the top ring and jack it.
4. Assemble further ring wallboards from the top downwards by using hydraulic jacks to lift them then welding the next wallboard below that.