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Hydraulic Strand Jack

Guoxin offers a selection of single-strand jacks and multi-strand jacks which come in 9 standard models and have a lifting capacity of 15t-775t. The hydraulic strand jack can handle heavy loads horizontally, vertically and angularly. Compared with other hoisting equipment of the same capacity, it is more flexible and ideal for narrow operations. We can design and manufacture strand jacks as per your requirements.

Strand Jack
Strand Jack

200t Strand Jack
This jack comes with 14 strands. Each one is equipped with a safety device which will lock the strands if they are comprimised.

60t Strand Jack
The strand jack is has 4 strands which can bear a load of 60 tons. The strands are locked mechanically instead of hydraulically.

Technical Parameters of Strand Jack

Model GX150 GX450 GX600 GX1050 GX1850 GX2900 GX4100 GX5800 GX7750
Lifting capacity (t) 15 45 60 105 185 290 410 580 775
Stroke (mm) 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500 500
Closed height (mm) 1950 2000 2000 2100 2100 2200 2200 2200 2300
Basic size (mm) 160 330 330 380 470 560 670 760 870
Weight (kg) 100 500 500 850 1500 3000 3500 4000 4500
Height (mm) 110 160 160 180 210 260 280 280 300
Basic size (mm) 70 200 200 250 340 400 450 500 550
Weight (kg) 2 40 40 80 150 270 370 450 540
Number of 18mm multi-core strand 1 3 4 7 12 19 27 38 51
OD (mm) 18 80 90 120 170 210 265 320 360
Weight (kg) 1.75 5.25 7.00 12.25 21.00 33.25 47.25 66.50 89.25

1. Each strand jack is comprised of a bottom anchor assembly, the main hydraulic piston, and a top anchor assembly. Operation of the main hydraulic piston moves the cable through the jack, automatically transferring support between the top and bottom anchors, thereby lifting the heavy load. Lowering operation of the hydraulic jacking system is realized using the second hydraulic system with two anchor assemblies to work in conjunction with movement of the main piston to safely lower the cable through the jack.
2. The standard stroke of each strand jack can be up to 500mm. When the hydraulic pressure is less than 350Bar, it can perform at complete lifting capacity.
3. Our strand jacks allow long time continuous operation with low fault risk, and all of them are equipped with hydraulic one-way valves to ensure that all jacks allow maintenance and anchor system refurbishment under a full load. However, maintenance under a full load is unnecessary if you follow our instructions.
4. Thishydraulic jack comes with a set of strands which are engineered from 18mm multi cables. The anchor system has an optimized circulation mode and the safe working load of each jack is designed to be 40% of the breaking strength of each strand.
5. The strand jack is connected to the loads through a fastener at the free end of strands. The fastener is similar to anchors of the jack and can be interchanged.

Our strand jacks offer a compact, economic and highly controllable solution for heavy loads lifting, lowering and sliding.
1. Bridge: Cable saddle erection; complete bridge span, deck sections and concrete framework lifting, lowering and sliding.
2. Roof: Roof construction of cement silos, exhibition centers, sports halls, shopping malls and jumbo aircraft hangars
3. Offshore structure: load-out various structures including platform decks, jacket frames, guy systems, etc.
4. Power plant: Lifting and lowering boiler, power generator, turbine and steam engine
5. Petrochemical: Reactor installation

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