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Hydraulic Strand Jack System

    1. Hydraulic Control Cabinet

      Our electrical jacking control system can simultaneously control 20 sets of strand jacks. Each strand comes with a maximum capacity of 45 tons and a speed of 3m/h.

    1. Hydraulic Strand Jack

      The hydraulic strand jack can handle heavy loads horizontally, vertically and angularly. Compared with other hoisting equipment of the same capacity, it is more flexible and ideal for narrow operations.

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The Guoxin hydraulic strand jack lifting system integrates lifting equipment and traction equipment. Operating speed and synchronization are also greatly improved compared to previous systems. Now, each strand jack in the standard set-up lifting system has an unmatched capacity of 800t and a lifting speed speed of up to 60m/h.

The control system of this hydraulic lifting device allows both local and remote control, while supporting single operation and combined operation as well. The use of a rewinder and related equipment can reduce down time in continuous operation and greatly extend the strand's lifespan.

In addition, for any suitable occasion, the strand jack lifting system can use a frame to allow the jack to connect to the structure through hooks, leading chains, or standard suspension equipment.

Structure of the Strand Jack System

1. Lifting Cable
2. Top Anchor Assembly
3. Hydraulic Piston
4. Bottom Anchor Assembly
5. Stroke 500mm
6. Closed Height A

Guoxin supplies a complete range of strand jack systems for lifting, lowering, and skidding operations. Our hydraulic strand jacks are widely used in the erection of bridges, refineries, offshore structures, large roof structures, and power stations.

1. Bridge: Cable saddle erection; complete bridge span, deck sections and concrete framework lifting, lowering and sliding.
2. Roof: Roof construction of cement silos, exhibition centers, sports halls, shopping malls and jumbo aircraft hangars
3. Offshore structure: load-out various structures including platform decks, jacket frames, guy systems, etc.
4. Power plant: Lifting and lowering boiler, power generator, turbine and steam engine
5. Petrochemical: Reactor installation

FRP Steel Inner Cylinder Lifting Solution
The diameter of FRP steel inner cylinder in this project is 3.8m, the weight is 80tons, the height is 120m, the length of each section of FRP steel inner cylinder is 6m, connected by flange plate, using our strand jack (produced by our company) lifting solution, on the platform with steel inner cylinder height of 96 meters, uniformity distributed 4 strand jacks of 45tons, the steel strand is totally 12 units, the diameter of strand is 18cm, with length about 100m. Outside of steel inner cylinder, make a enhanced ring under the flange plate, and uniformly distributed four lifting points on the enhanced ring, the carrying capacity designed of each lifting point is 45tons, each lifting point should have two holes of Ф19-20mm, the hole spacing is 100mm, is used for the installing of ground anchor.

Maximum Capacity of Single Hydraulic Strand Jack

Model Maximum jacking capacity
GX150 15 tons
GX450 45 tons
GX600 60 tons
GX1050 105 tons
GX1850 185 tons
GX2900 290 tons
GX4100 410 tons
GX5800 580 tons
GX7750 775 tons

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