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Since its inception in 2009, Dongguang Guoxin Hydraulic Equipment has been committed to a diversified operation. Our three major businesses involve hydraulic jacking systems, roll forming machines and LCM vulcanization lines. We have many years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic jacks, slipform jacking equipment and strand jacks for a large number of construction projects. Our roll formers and salt bath lines are recent additions to our production portfolio.

Dongguang Guoxin Hydraulic Equipment

Business One: Hydraulic Jacking System
Guoxin began manufacturing hydraulic jacking equipment 26 years ago. Currently, we serve a number of medium sized petroleum enterprises in China, India,Russia, and Pakistan. We also maintain a long term partnership with TEPC China Energy Engineering Group, China Eleven Chemical Construction Company Limited, and Huaneng Yimin Coal and Electricity among others.

With the help of related R&D institutions, Guoxin has developed a wide range of hydraulic lifts and jacks for storage tank top-down and sliding structures in the petrochemical engineering industry.

Typical Projects in China
1. Settler construction for PetroChina Daqing Petrochemical Company.
2. 30,000 cubic meter storage tank construction for an Oil Refinery in Jiujiang city of Jiangxi province.
3. Lifting a 320 ton water tower for Handan Iron & Steel Group up to a height of 38m for installation.
4. Lifting a 180 ton communication tower up to 76m for installation in the construction of the Shenyang Superior People's Court.
5. Hydraulic slip forming construction for the 210m tower of the Huaneng Dandong Power Plant.
6. Using 180 sets of hydraulic jacks to complete construction of 78 storage tanks in the 2014 Shell Engineering Projects of Huizhou city, Guangdong province.
7. Moving oil refining equipment in the Oil Refinery of Qilu Petrochemical Company horizontally 50m.

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