Guoxin'shydraulic lifting and jacking equipment including hydraulic slipform jacks, hydraulic lifters, and strand jacks have found wide construction and engineering applications for slip forming, heavy lifting, and horizontal sliding.

    1. Hydraulic Jacks for Slip form Construction
    2. Hydraulic Jacks for Slip form ConstructionSlip form construction is a building method used to build tall structures and horizontal structures by pouring concrete into a continuously moving form in order to create seamless surfaces.
    1. Strand Jacks for Heavy Lifting
    2. Strand Jacks for Heavy LiftingThe strand jack lifting system is for heavy loads lifting, lowering, and sliding applications. Strand jacks are suitable replacements for cranes and are now used to erect bridges, large buildings, offshore structures and other structures where the use of conventional cranes is impractical.
    1. Strand Jacks for Skidding Purposes
    2. Strand Jacks for Skidding PurposesSkidding a building or structure involves moving it a certain distance horizontally using hydraulic strand jacks and skidding techniques without breaking the building's integral structure.
    1. Hydraulic Jacks for Steel Storage Tanks Construction
    2. Hydraulic Jacks for Steel Storage Tanks ConstructionTop-down construction of a desulfurizing tower in the China Resources Cangzhou Power Plant
      Top down construction of a steel inner tank for a 240m chimney in China Resources Caofeidian Power Plant

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