Strand Jacks for Heavy Lifting

Construction Applications
The strand jack lifting system is for heavy loads lifting, lowering, and sliding applications. Strand jacks are suitable replacements for cranes and are now used to erect bridges, large buildings, offshore structures and other structures where the use of conventional cranes is impractical.

We have been committed to the development of strand jack lifting systems for construction and engineering purposes. They are perfect heavy lifting solutions with optimum cost efficiency.

1. Lifting a 1,600t arch crown of a 50,000m3 storage tank in Dongguan city, Guangdong province.
2. Settler lowering construction for PetroChina Daqing Petrochemical Company.

1. High Safety and Reliability
A strand jack lifting system can be provided with a number of strand jacks, each of which can be designed with up to 51 strands on one jack. The safety factor of these steel cables is 2.5. When the minimum breaking force of one strand is 38t, its rated load is 15t.

2. Large Lifting Capacity
The maximum loading capacity of each strand jack is up to 775t. A lifting system composed of many strand jacks can lift large structures up to thousands of tons. This can not be achieved using conventional cranes.

3. Fast Lifting Speed
Our strand jacking system can realize heavy lifting at a speed of 60m/h, and can continue to work when wind speeds are more than 9m/s. Although cranes have higher lifting speed, this is not a significant issue. Higher speed lifting using cranes expends more energy which results in larger fuel expenditures.

4. Modular System
We adopt a modular tower system design which allows you to change the system's setup to better match your project needs.

Strand Jacks
Guoxin offers 9 standard models of hydraulic strand jacks which come with a lifting capacity range of 15t-775t. Our strand jacks feature easy maintenance and have multiple control operations. The optimized round mold provides better stress distribution on the cables.

Our strand jack lifting system uses PLC to achieve autonomous control, allowing strand jacks to work circularly without need of manual operation. Additionally, our strand jacking system is outfitted with a speed control system composed of an electrical system and hydraulic power pack. All jacks are interconnected to ensure synchronization.

Hydraulic Strand Jack

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