Hydraulic Jacks for Steel Storage Tanks Construction

Typical Cases
1. 100,000m3 storage tank construction in the Dushanzi district of northwestern China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
2. Top-down construction of a desulfurizing tower in the China Resources Cangzhou Power Plant
3. Top down construction of a steel inner tank for a 240m chimney in China Resources Caofeidian Power Plant
4. 30,000m3 storage tank construction in Sri Lanka

Guoxin provides outstanding solutions for large storage tank construction projects, which includes large equipment hydraulic lifting technology and storage tank top down construction technology. This equipment and construction techniques greatly improve efficiency and structure quality.

Thanks in part to the continuous development of the petrochemical industry, the demand for large storage tanks is ever increasing. Since the storage tanks needed are becoming larger and larger, some traditional construction methods are no longer viable. Therefore, we now use a top down method for the construction of large storage tanks where hydraulic jacking devices are used.

The hydraulic jacking top down construction method is safe and reliable, it minimizes material consumption, and it is the fastest way to complete these construction projects.

Top down construction using hydraulic jacks, such as hydraulic slip form jacks is currently the best solution for storage tank construction. It is suitable for various storage tanks with a capacity of more than 1,000m3 including arch roof tanks, covered floating roof tanks, and roofless tanks. For tanks over 20,000m3, it has undeniable advantages.

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